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Last night in Turkey (Selcuk) and a Yogurt covered foot

Posted in: Turkey on August 29th, 2008 – 7:49 am

Not much to tell really, meet up with some good people doing the tour of ruins of Efes, and went for drinks with them and the tour guide afterwards. By the what Efes is the first town I have seen with a, secret tunnel between the library and the brothel. We went to a nice […]

Impressions Of Turkey

Posted in: Turkey on August 14th, 2008 – 7:42 am

Still a few days to go here the ruins at Ephesus are on for tomorrow, but I have some free time to night so I’ll bring you up to date.   Istanbul, Ok I am most likely to piss of alot people mostly tour operators, but the mystery and romance of Istanbul is gone. It is worth a […]